Our Mission

To provide client-centered community support services that reflect the best interests of children, adults, and families.

Fernbrook Family Center is based in Owatonna, MN delivering a wide spectrum of mental health and therapeutic services throughout southern Minnesota.

We do what we do because we want clients to know that empowerment is more successful than judgement. That we are willing to work with them at their pace and in what their normal looks likeWe believe in home- and community based services, along with our relationship based approach counseling, allow us to meet our clients where they are at helping them heal and grow. We are unique in this approach. Our services are specifically tailored to fit the unique needs of each family or individual.

Fernbrook adopts innovative treatments and strategies in our work. For example: grant writing and securing various DHS grants to increase service capacity and expertise in Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health, School Base Mental Health, TF-CBT, PCIT, TI-CPP, and others; one of the few agencies in the state who provides Mental Health behavioral Aides and the largest in the state to provide Mental Health Rehabilitation Workers services; and efforts to ensure we have diverse staff to meet the needs of clients and developing cultural competency.

We believe in seeking unique solutions to all challenges

We believe relationships can change the course of a life

We believe in taking chances…and giving chances

  • We are relationship-based – We are an organization that builds relationships on kindness, acceptance, and consistency. We get results because we are creative and collaborativee
  • We are a teaching/learning organization – We are not only devoted to improving the lives of our clients, we are also as devoted to improving the lives and careers of our employees. We learn from each other, collaborate with each other, and challenge ourselves to succeed where other programs and services have struggled.
  • We are problem solvers – Whatever brought a client to us is often the tip of the iceberg. Success requires looking below the surface to understand both the client and their environment. We find creative ways to help our clients, often with limited resources or significant constraints.

Our History

Fernbrook Family Center was formed 2001 and has quickly expanded across southern Minnesota. Fernbrook was founded by Mr. Jon B. Huemoeller, MSW, LICSW. Mr. Huemoeller had considerable experience providing in-home therapy prior to starting Fernbrook. The name for the organization ”Fernbrook” came to be when Mr. Huemoeller and his wife took a walk in the woods in Spooner, WI. The woods were filled with Ferns and she stated, “That’s it, ‘Fernbrook’ will be the name.”