At Fernbrook Family Center, we believe in using innovative strategies to build relationships and transform lives.
We do this by meeting our clients where they’re at and then working with them to develop life and relationship skills that enable them to build healthy relationships in their families, at work, and in school.
When it comes to delivering our services, we are most successful when we work with our clients directly in their family, school, or community environment. We go beyond traditional outpatient therapy and deliver our services where and when issues are occurring.
Our relationship-based counseling approach focuses not only on the individual client, but also on equipping their family with resources and solutions to support their loved one.

Our Culture

Our culture makes us different: we are competitive, creative, collaborative and committed.

Our services

We use innovative strategies to meet our clients where they are at.

Our locations

We have expanded into seven counties across southern Minnesota.

Join our team

Join our team and make an impact on someone’s life.

For Professionals

Need to make a referral for mental health services? Consider Fernbrook.

For Clients

We tailor treatment to fit the unique needs of each client.