Our Clinical Process

At Fernbrook, our goal is to help individuals develop and enhance skills which enable them to build healthy relationships with their family, at work, in school, and in the community. Our services are focused not only on the individual, but also equipping their family with resources and solutions to help support in the journey of one’s mental health life.

Our diagnostic assessment allows us to design a personalized treatment plan so we can deliver our services when and where the issues are occurring.Our work begins with conducting a diagnostic assessment so we can design and tailor a plan of services based on you or your family’s personal situation. The type and duration of services is determined by one of our mental health professionals who works closely with you to develop a treatment plan that offers strategies for you or your child’s behavioral or mental health concerns.

When it comes to delivering our services, we are most successful when we work with you or your child directly in your family, school, or community environment. We go beyond traditional outpatient therapy and deliver our services where and when issues are occurring: your home, your child’s school or daycare, and in your community.

Fernbrook Family Center also offers complete psychological assessments. Psychological testing assesses cognitive abilities, functional skills, academic skills, developmental delays, and behavioral and personality functioning. The findings assist in developing specific treatment plans, building realistic expectations for treatment progress, and determining referrals for other services as needed.

Diagnostic Assessments

When you go to the doctor, your health concerns are diagnosed before the doctor recommends a course of treatment. The same principle applies with mental health. We need to understand the issues, concerns, or problems before we can recommend a treatment plan.

During your diagnostic assessment, we collect a comprehensive history including information on development, culture, mental health, medical health, school/work, and other important life areas. The assessment process may involve more than one session and other sources as determined by the mental health professional to make the best possible determination.

Individualized Treatment Plans

If the diagnostic assessment identifies a qualifying mental health condition, an individualized treatment plan will be created and may include services such as:

  • Individual/family/group psychotherapy

  • Psycho-education

  • Individual/family/group skills training

  • Mental health behavioral aide services

  • Outpatient therapy

  • Crisis Planning

The frequency of services will be determined by the severity of the mental health condition and individuals daily functioning. Individuals may receive psychotherapy services weekly or monthly and others may receive a combination of services several times weekly. Services are offered in the environments in which the individual experiences the most challenges (e.g. home, daycare, school, community, and work), along with outpatient therapy occurring in a Fernbrook office.

Treatment planning is a collaborative process between Fernbrook staff and the individual and individual’s family (if applicable). Long term goals and short term measurable objectives are set, along with treatment interventions. Progress is measured on a weekly basis. Treatment plans are reviewed on a scheduled basis, which for most services is every 90 days. Where available, evidence based interventions are utilized.


Discharge is a collaborative process between Fernbrook staff and the individual and an individual’s family (if applicable). Discharge typically occurs when the long-term goals established at the beginning of treatment are met. Fernbrook staff assists with making further referrals if necessary.


We are pleased to accept most insurance.  Commercial insurance will cover Diagnostic Assessments, Individual and Family therapy.  However commercial insurance will not cover services provided by Mental Health Practitioners or Mental Health Behavior Aides. Only Medical Assistance, PMAP’s (e.g. South Country Health Alliance, Blue Plus etc.) and MNCare cover these services. Please call to check coverage.

How to get started

Whether you are an individual wanting to receive services or a professional wanting to make a referral, we want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Simply choose the method you prefer:

  • Submit your form online: download and save to your computer the appropriate referral form by clicking one of the buttons below. When you have completed the referral form that you saved to your computer, complete the submission form below and attach your referral form.

  • Fax your form: download, complete, and print the appropriate referral form. Fax the completed form to: (651) 925-0337

  • Call us: complete the referral form over the phone with one of our intake workers. Call us at: (507) 446-0431 

Once a referral is received, our business office will verify the insurance information.

Submit your completed referral form