Hello December,

Of all of the many many times throughout the year you are my favorite. The reason I choose you December, is because you remind me to give. You teach that the purpose of life is to bless others and to be blessed by them; to give love and to receive it from others. You were there with us for our very first snow; you were there when we opened our very first gifts for the very first time. You, December are the world’s reminder to give love, celebrating 14 diverse holidays in only 31 days!

December you, of all of the many many months are the most difficult to get through.  December you are early-childhood and family memories. You have watched us learn and grow; you have watched us pass on and cross over to the other side. December are full of pain. You, December serve as a reminder of past traumas and broken connections. You hold a mirror, reflecting our past-selves, former relationships, and broken promises.

December, for all the things you are, you are truly unique and polarizing time of the year. Thank you for keeping a record of our lives and serving as the ultimate time stamp, punctuating the end of each year. Thank you December for being consistent and always full of emotion. Thank you December for making us aware of the years we’ve spend and the years we have left, and for prompting us to remember our humanity. December you are always missed when you’re gone and are always welcomed back.


If December is a difficult month for you or someone you know, please use the strength of the resources in your community to help support you during the difficult times, it’s what we’re here for