Our Culture

“Fernbrook is a great place to grow as a mental health professional and achieve your full potential”- Staff


Give us the hardest situation and we are going to figure out how to succeed.


Partnerships and teamwork allow us to focus on building a healthy mental health community.


We meet each client where they’re at and aren’t afraid to look outside the box for solutions.


We value our staff and promote self care. We provide weekly supervision and consultation..

Who Are We?

  • We are relationship-based – We are an organization that builds relationships on kindness, acceptance, and consistency. We get results because we are creative and collaborative
  • We are a teaching/learning organization – We are not only devoted to improving the lives of our clients, we are also as devoted to improving the lives and careers of our employees. We learn from each other, collaborate with each other, and challenge ourselves to succeed where other programs and services have struggled.
  • We are problem solvers – Whatever brought a client to us is often the tip of the iceberg. Success requires looking below the surface to understand both the client and their environment. We find creative ways to help our clients, often with limited resources or significant constraints.

” I really value the agency culture. I’m surrounded by supportive, laid back professionals looking to do their best in the world of mental health.”- Olmsted County Staff

Each of our counties have their own personalities that contribute to Fernbrook’s team oriented culture. Team building activities is one of the many ways staff can collaborate and grow together. Our laid back atmosphere allows for a community/family feel. We strive to provide an environment where staff feel inclusive and supported.

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