We believe in using innovative strategies to build relationships and transform lives. We do this by meeting our clients where they’re at and then working with them to develop life and relationship skills that enable them to build healthy relationships in their families, at work, and in school.

Fernbrook is not only devoted to improving the lives of our clients, we are just as devoted to improving the lives and careers of our employees. We learn from each other, collaborate with each other, and challenge ourselves to succeed where other programs and services have struggled.

If you are looking for the extraordinary in a family mental health services career…Look at Fernbrook. The difference you make as a Fernbrook team member offers personal and professional growth and an immeasurable impact on the clients we serve.


We value our staff and promote self care. We provide weekly supervision and consultation..


We meet each client where they’re at and aren’t afraid to look outside the box for solutions.


Partnerships and teamwork allow us to focus on building a healthy mental health community.


Give us the hardest situation and we are going to figure out how to succeed.

Why Fernbrook?

We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously

Comprehensive Training

Every new employee receives comprehensive training appropriate to the position. This ensures you will be prepared, confident, and ready to deliver quality services that make a difference in the lives of our clients.


Our wide variety of clients, settings, and therapies means that you will have plenty of opportunity to try new things, challenge yourself, and continue to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Professional Growth

Whether you are looking to make a positive difference in people’s lives on a part-time basis or as a long term career, you will have opportunities to grow your knowledge and experience within the Fernbrook organization.


We embrace creativity and initiative; we welcome an entrepreneurial spirit; we excel in the face of challenges. Fernbrook offers unparalleled opportunities to develop your career and improve the lives of people.


While many of the positions at Fernbrook require a willingness to be flexible and respond to changing environments and schedules, we give our employees considerable flexibility to manage their own schedules. We believe we are at our best helping others live healthy, balanced lives when we practice what we preach.

Are you ready to challenge the stigma of mental health? Then here’s your opportunity!

Bring your unique interests, skills, and passion for mental health to a role where you’ll have the opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life. Fernbrook is the place where continual growth and being creative is encouraged. 60% of our current staff either has their master’s degree or is in the process of earning their master’s degreeFernbrook values the importance of continuing education and offers flexible schedules for those in school or working towards their bachelors, master, and or PhD’s.

Join us to impact the lives of those living with a mental health illness, while challenging the status quo with your unique interest and passion for mental health.

Diverse Career Paths

If you are a passionate about challenging the mental health stigma and are an innovative thinker, then working in an environment that offers ample opportunities for continual growth and encourages creativity will help shape your unique career path at Fernbrook. We embrace everyone’s unique interests, passions, and talents to foster change and innovation.

Fernbrook Family Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Fernbrook does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, disability, age, military status, veteran status, genetic information or national origin.